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Details for the Presentation


Each PhD student will have a time slot of 90 minutes for the presentation and discussion of his or her research project. The presentation itself should take about 30 minutes, at most 45 minutes. In the remaining time, Clara and Manfred as well as the other PhD students will give feedback and make suggestions aimed at improving the project.

Experience tells that PhD workshops are most profitable for participants who have already a rather clear idea of their research question and hypotheses as well as the design and the methodology they want to use (measures, experimental procedures, sample, data analysis), but who have not yet started to collect (all) data. Students who have completed their data collection and analyses tend to profit less from PhD workshops, because it is often too late at this time for substantial improvements of the studies.

Clara and Manfred will discuss the applications. If more than four applications are received, they will select applicants based on quality, substantive fit, and developmental stage of the project. Applicants will be informed about their admission or rejection by March 30, 2023. Admission letters will contain more detailed information about the workshop venue and procedure.